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Monday 20th 2019f May 2019

 Sean Connery, order no. 11957

Document, 1st class personal sean connery boarding card


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What a find! We could get Sean Connery's personal 1st class Boarding Card from a Lufthansa flight to Malaga! It has a very interesting history: End of the 1980's Sean Connery was flying with Lufthansa to Malaga (AGP). He owned a house at that time in Malaga/Spain. Seat 1A! Later he sold his house then and went to the Bahamas. Also Lufthansa cancelled the 1st class then for the short Terms within Europe. The flight was in 1988 or 1989. Sean Connery gave his Boarding pass and signed a Lufthansa postcard for a famous Business man who owned the Card all the decades till now. Also he gave him an early Pretty woman film script where the end of the film was different than in the final shoot! This prooves a Long time rumor that Sean Connery was offered the role of Edward in Pretty woman, not together with Julia Roberts but actually Michelle Pfeiffer!!! But Sean declined to Play the role of Edward in Pretty woman! Comes also along with a 2 pages Synopsis of Stephen metcalf (Screen writer who worked on the first draft for Pretty woman) who writes about this story. A wonderful Piece with fantastic movie making history. Such personal documents from Sean Connery are normally impossible to find or to get!

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