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Tuesday 25th 2024f June 2024

 about bbc

We are the first, oldest and most respected 007 autograph and prop dealer worldwide. We are specialists in authentification and vintage James Bond related autographs. Since many years we provide you, the collector, with wonderful James Bond related autographs. We carry the world's largest collection for 007 autographs and have hundreds of names in stock and 1000's of pieces…including the rarest like Harold Sakata,Adolfo Celi, Ian Fleming…Also we carry hundreds of screen seen/used props and wardrobe pieces from the 007 films.
Also we have started with out b'bc star agency to do direct official signings with 007 celebrities by contract and private signings. So we carry also OFFICIAL endorsed autographs by the 007 stars themselves! At the moment we have under contract Luciana Paluzzi from Thunderball, Michael Billington from Spy Who Loved Me, Virginia Hey from Living Daylights, Lana Wood from Diamonds Are Forever …and many others will come!

Since many years i am a collector specialized in 007 celebrity autographs and screen seen James Bond props and wardrobe pieces myself. Collecting autographs is a very interesting hobby as it is often very hard to get the autograph you want for your collection.
And especially it is not easy to get authentic material. With b'bc I want to do my best to serve you, the collector, with 100% authentic autographs.
The autograph market has become very hard. There are so many dealers, especially in the USA. Many of these merchants provide good, honest and healthy competition to the industry. They offer quality products. But there are lots of bad companies too. If you are worried about forged autographs, that's good, because you should be. I find it saddening and greatly disappointing that many organizations are short changing the public and insulting the industry with fraudulent paraphernalia and blatant forgeries. They offer dirt cheap prices and give even greater discounts to those buying mass quantities of certain celebrity autographs.
Most celebrities make it a habit to sign only one or two autographs per fan! It is very interesting to see one time an "original" Connery for US $ 400 and next time at another dealer for US $ 50!
I think collectors have to know that a professional star-hunter often has to wait for hours in front of a restaurant to get O N E autograph or even NOTHING if the star is not in the mood to sign! I think there is nothing to say more about cheap prices and special bargains. Because of this the BIG names like the 007's are expencive ones, and they are worth their money in authentic form!

We at b'bc do our best to serve you the collector with excellent and 100% authentic material especially for the 007 stars. We get all autographs from our official or private signings directly with the stars or the best professional star-hunters in the US / GB and by myself (met Roger Moore, Karin Dor, Götz Otto and many others personally!) and the vintage autographs from other collectors I know personal since years and can trust in 100% or from the best auction houses in the world. Because most stuff from B'BC was obtained REALLY in-person (today everybody tells in-person) we always can give a transparent history information when, where from whom.... your favourite autographs were obtained. So you know about the history of your autograph. We investigate the history of every piece of B'BC and I myself, Alexander Brauchle, authentify every piece personally before we sell the items.
Because of this I give for all we sell a lifetime guarantee for authenticity with a certificate of authenticity. You can send every autograph back to us at any time, if it is not authentic. But be sure I only sell absolute authentic pieces i can stand behind myself. We never got back any piece! Also I give with every in-person autograph an exact description of the "history" of the autograph in the certificate of the autograph (time it was obtained, when it was...from whom....)!
Best wishes and happy collecting

Alexander Brauchle, president b'bc

Do not hesitate to e-mail us with any questions:


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