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Monday 20th 2024f May 2024

 Lea Seydoux, order no. 11350

Autograph, 8x10 color shot


Now only 84.00 EUR (inside EU incl. VAT)
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The new major Bond girl "Dr. Madeleine Swann"! Awsome 8x10 color shot from the brandnew James Bond film SPECTRE. THE FIRST SPECTRE SHOTS WE COULD GET FROM HER SIGNED! There is quite a history behind these. Lea Seydoux was the toughest signer at the London Premiere of all Spectre Stars and signed nearly nothing ( in Paris she was then in a better mood and signed way better). Also our star chaser did get nothing at all at the premiere in London. But his girls collected her on 2 days before. She was already nearly a week before the premiere in London for all the press and interview events. They got her 2 days before at the Hotel Corinthia in London when she did go or came back. My star chaser hold them till now and released them to us now afer asking him often to release them to us. He is one of the most famous chasers and well known in London by the collectors and even by the stars and does even official signings with some real big names! Big London Newspapers also did stories on his star chasing for signatures from the stars. Get a good Lea Seydoux from us with confidence and beware from any "at the premiere" signed stuff as she nearly did not sign any items! Only a few cast shots are known to be signed by her at the premiere.

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