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Tuesday 26th 2021f October 2021

 About Pierce Brosnan Autographs

Int the beginning of his 007 carreer Pierce Brosnan was a gracious signer.
Meanwhile he is really tough to get. In-person he is friendly and a good signer - when you have the chance to get close to him what is very difficult meanwhile - . Also he is not often seen as private person in the public!

He signs nothing trough the mail and used some time ago even sectretarials. In the beginning very good material was on the market but meanwhile FAKES FAKES FAKES. Tough!


 Authentic Pierce Brosnan’s

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This is is perfect signature
when he has time to sign and is sitting!
Today's nearly impossible!


Quite his normal signature in-person
"with a little time"...


His perfect signature and a part of his very characteristic handwriting!


much more sloppy


An authentic Brosnan can even look like this when he signs in a hurry today’s...





 Faked Pierce Brosnan’s






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